Super Special Dog

Best Friends

Can Jackenwulf survive the new song that Super Special Dog just wrote for him? Or will the shrill, piercing tones push him over the edge and force him to blow his brains out?

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Turkey Time

The rent’s due again, and Super Special Dog still hasn’t figured out the whole money thing. Unfortunately, 98-year-old Nazi landlords aren’t exactly known for their patience.

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Mash Potatoes

The Damsel has killed off all the superheroes in town except for one. Will Super Special Dog be lured into her devious trap, or will his insatiable urge for mash potatoes prove too strong?

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Midget Hunt

Some sneaky midget has stolen Super Special Dog’s clothes! Where did he go? He couldn’t get very far with those tiny legs. Maybe Jackenwulf can point him in the right direction.

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Phone Prank

The trap is set, everyone’s in position, and all The Prankster has to do is make the call. There’s only one problem—Super Special Dog doesn’t know how to use a phone.

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Happy Spray

Jackenwulf and Mr. Dusenschneider team up to put an end to Super Special Dog once and for all. Can they pull it off, or will their plan comically backfire in their faces?

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Super Retarded Dog

Run To Your Doom!

After years of plotting, Super Retarded Dog’s vile archnemisis finally has the perfect plan to put an end to the fun-loving canine’s life forever. Can he escape death’s icy clutches one more time?

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Leave It To Bush!

An Afternoon in the Park

Gary Busey has a special surprise for his good friend George W. Bush. Is it a candy bar? New crayons? A nookular bomb? You’ll have to see for yourself.

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Snortin’ Coke on the Moon

When he’s feeling down, there’s only one thing that can make George W. Bush feel better. And there’s only one place in the universe to get it. From Bill Cosby…on the moon.

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Strangers on a Train

George W. Bush shares a rather uncomfortable train ride with the baddest muthafucka on the muthafuckin planet…William Shatn—wait, no… Samuel L. Muthafuckin Jackson.

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The Non-Livingstons

Johnny’s Big First Day!

School can be tough for anybody, but it’s even worse when you’re the only zombie kid in town. Johnny’s going to be lucky to make it out alive…even though he’s already dead.

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The 1,000,000th Penny

After getting beaten, bruised, and vomited on, Johnny finally meets somebody that actually likes him. Unfortunately, a few seconds later, he meets somebody who wants to kill him.

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The Steven Seagal Show

4 O’clock Showdown

Hollywood’s infamous overweight has-been goes for a scenic stroll in the park, only to be accosted by an elderly man who wants to know what time it is.

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The Way of the Donkey

America’s favorite tubby show-off expects nothing less than quality service from shitty fast food joints. Can you guess what happens when they mess up his order?

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Scattered, Covered, Tortured!

Tinseltown’s most notorious whispering neck-snapper has finally had enough of my stupid cartoons! After downing a few burgers, he decides to stop me once and for all!

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Chuck Murdock

Horse Doctor

There’s something terribly wrong with Buttercup! Can Chuck Murdock save her before it’s too late? He’s sure as hell going to try…the only way he knows how!

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Puberty: The Movie

The Puberty Pals

Pauly the Penis, Burt the Butt, and Virginia the Vagina teach you the ins and outs of puberty in this delightful educational film entitled “What The Heck Is Happening To My Genitals?”.

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Opening Credits

For the first and probably the only time ever, watch the opening credits for an independent film that may never ever see the light of day…Puberty: The Movie!

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